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Friday, July 8, 2011

CZT Retreat - The Countdown

My room is reserved, my fee is paid, and I am so excited to be heading up to North Andover, MA in two weeks. The countdown is on... There is something I plan to do while I'm there though, and that is to get some fresh air and exercise. Tangling is great, but sedentary. I have to literally pry myself from the chair and force myself to go walking. Tangling is THAT MUCH FUN...but again, too much sitting. I'm thinking of using my easel so I stand and move around more often.

If you've tried different ways of tangling without being seated, let me know, I'd sure like to do more than sit, sit, sit.....:>)


  1. Jeanne,
    Love the shape of this design. What size is it?
    Coloring it adds so much.

  2. It started out as a caterpillar, but ended up as this, which is open to interpretation.