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Thursday, February 2, 2012

CZT Get Together

This past weekend, I had the chance to spend a day with certified tanglers like me. It was so much fun to see everyone's process and progress. We shared our teaching methods, promotion plans and created ways to stay in touch and share even more information.
This day was such a success, that we are planning another. Who would have thought we would just take the ball and run with it? Fantastic, I say!!
Maria Thomas joined us for the day and shared her and Rick's story of how excited they were and the way they kept coming up with so many ideas when they first decided to start their Zentangle business. I was impressed with them from day one and continue to be so. They are sharing and caring people.
One of the women who joined us, for the get together, is a psychiatrist who works at a private college. She told us she is doing a study on the benefits of Zentangle with a research group. She'll have her results by the year end, which in turn validates teachers when they tell their students this art form is beneficial to mind, body and all around health in general. Can't wait to hear how the study goes.
Those of us and you who tangle daily, realize there are significant benefits for us within the tangling process. We enjoy the art, the meditation it brings into our lives and the "feel good" aspects of it.
My advice? Tangle everyday. It is the least expensive and most beneficial art form around. Honest!!!

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  1. I am excited to see the results of this study also! I know that Zentangle has helped me deal with the levels of pain that I have daily. It is a refreshing break...a delightful distraction for my brain. As you say, it is real inexpensive therapy! Thanks to all of you who have been able to get certified and then so willingly share your art with us through great sites like this one!
    Thanks for taking the time to blog. Aloha,