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Friday, March 23, 2012

You Just Never Know...

During the week, I had the opportunity to share Zentangle with a group of cancer survivors through a Livestrong program. What a wonderful experience it was. I met so many interesting, caring people who enjoy tangling immensely. One of the participants was a woman who works with area hospitals and Ronald McDonald House. She plans to share my information with the powers-that-be there. I'm
so thrilled at the groups response and feel validated each and every time I share Zentangle with someone. You just never know what will happen next or where Zentangle will take you! I am truly blessed. Have a wonderful weekend of tangling. The new round tangle tiles are wonderful!


  1. Hi Jeanne, please enetr me into the March contest. Thanks Linda CZT 7

  2. Consider it done. Thanks for entering!