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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Contest Winners & Words of Wisdom

The contest for March has come and gone. The list of winners for the 5 books I offered for prizes can be found here on this blog. I would like to send the books out and get your impressions of the projects within the covers.
So often authors (every type) receive remarks and criticism of their work, but with no worthwhile construction in the words that might hurt and wound the artist/authors spirit. I can take criticism as so many of my fellow artist/authors can, but constructive rather than destructive is the key to helping us become better at what we do and giving readers what they want.
I welcome my readers words of wisdom when it comes time to comment, I just can't abide nasty comments that are meant to destroy the fragile world artists and authors live in. My mother always said that if people couldn't say something positive, they should keep their opinion to themselves becuase there is enough negativity in the world without adding to it. I have passed those words on to my own children and feel better for it. Let me know what words of wisdom you have passed on to your own children or friends.

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  1. Hi Jeanne. See my blog post today... I tagged you!
    (Only if you have time and are interested, of course.)