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Saturday, October 11, 2014

New England Traditions Convention Trade Show & Other Stuff

The day was sunny, breezy, and marvelous in Marlborough. MA. Three friends and I arrived at the New England Traditions artist trade show in great spirits and filled with the need to shop 'til we dropped. (and we did!!) There were so many marvelous projects to choose from, surfaces to buy, and brushed to have, it had a dizzying effect on everyone there. Eyes glazed over, wish lists were produced, and best of all, we got to chat with old friends and new.

First stop was Lynne Andrews gorgeous booth! There was loads of heartwarming artwork, that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling just looking at it. Lynne told me she's preparing to reopen her studio for classes in the not too far future, too.She'll also be teaching at the Little Rhody Rembrandts Chapter in 2015.

Anne Hunter and I had the opportunity to catch up in between her constant flow of customers. Anne's work is terrific and so colorful, too. She'll be teaching at the Little Rhody Rembrandt's Chapter next year, and the members are excited to have her with us. Anne has a wonderful studio located in Marlborough.

Maureen and Bob Van Herpe presented their new line of lazer cut surfaces and picture frames. Gorgeous pieces, I wanted them all! Had a chance for a quick hello before the were bombarded with buyers. 

The J.B. Woods booth was mobbed! Yikes! So much to choose from, so little time to browse through every single piece. And... the prices were amazing, Mama Mia!!!! Was great to see Mary and Joe! Wonderful people!

Then there were the brush booths! Had an exciting (and difficult) time choosing what brushes to buy. Of course, I wanted every brush in every size, but, really.... I do have enough! I bought a couple sets of angles and called it quits. :)

We didn't have a chance to speak with Chris Haughey, her booth was swamped with buyers and her cash register was buzzing right along. I had wanted to congratulate her on the ezine she just came out with. If you haven't taken a lookie see yet, here's the link: It's a winner, I just downloaded my free copy!

All in all, the day was spent with friends, lots of good laughs and a fun time. I came home with bags and bags of merchandise!

On to other stuff....
Art magazines for decorative painters and crafters are endangered, it's sad, really. Paintworks just closed last month and what a surprise that was! Linda Heller did a splendid job of choosing the projects and there was always something new and different offered in every issue. So, imagine my surprise when artists didn't take the news sitting down, but instead, they rolled up their sleeves and got busy. As I said above, Chris Haughey's Pixelated Palette ezine is out and just wonderful, but today I received an email concerning another ezine for painters that will debut in November of this year. It's called Paintingezine and you can find it at  Both of these ezine subscriptions are very affordable.

Many of the artists in these ezines are familiar to us all, with some new to the business, but all of them are truly talented and are willing to embrace online publishing. The magazines are available for viewing online, for printing out in pdf form (the entire issue or just an article that grabs your interest) and are in full color. There are also sites to take online classes, so don't fret, there's still full video projects for a reasonable sum that are available to you.

As I come across more sites, I'll be sure to post them here and on Facebook and would be happy if you'd do the same.  
Bye for now!  Jeanne


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