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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Life is a wild ride!

The holiday season has ended, the freebies from last week's blog have ended, and life is getting back to normal (whatever normal is). There were so many wonderful responses to last weeks blog article, thanks to all who responded, I appreciate that.

The cold weather has set in, it's only supposed to get to 22 degrees here in RI today, BRRRR! I can see that I'll be working in front of the fireplace, rather than here in my office. :) So, what am I working on? The new Zentangle book, of course. I'm also slogging through the final edits for the next book in my Vinnie Esposito mystery series, written under my pen name, J.M. Griffin. The publisher sent me the galleys to read over and make changes, if any, so that's a priority. That said, I do want to put time in on the Zentangle book, becuase it's so relaxing to tangle.

Great News! I received an invitation to speak about, and demonstrate, Zentangle in March at the Lexington, MA Decorative Arts Guild. I'm very thrilled at the prospect and look forward to sharing Zentangle and its benefits with the group. The invitation was a wonderful way to start the year.

The photos of my projects that are also coming up in March on the site are below. If you'd like to check out what Purely Acrylics has to offer for classes that are available throughout the year and if you want to register, here's the link:" target="ejejcsingle">Click here to visit Cindy Harrison.</a>

With so many art magazines falling by the wayside and leaving artists no place to learn from, or be inspired by, artist Cindy Harrison came up with the idea of The artisans teaching are varied and there is sure to be a class that will catch your eye.  So check it out.

Both hearts are included in the class, which is online.
I offered a little bit country and a little bit floral.

What's in store for us next? Staying warm, keeping busy, and SMILING are on my agenda. What's in store for you? Leave a message and let me know.

I'll keep you posted on the Zentangle book and when it will be available. Until then, have a great week!!

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