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Monday, September 19, 2011

Tangling Books & Money

As a CZT and author, I tend to collect books. I'm running out of space, but still buy more anyway. There are a variety of fantastic Zentangle/tangling books on the market. Some self-published and others published the traditional way. I enjoy both types of books, but from an author's point of view, there is more money to be made by self-publishing your own work. Does it take a lot of time? Oh yeah!!! Do you have to do ALL the work? Oh yeah!!! Can you give up the time to do all of those things? If you want the lion's share of the money, yes.
I began self-publishing art and informational books long ago, but couldn't seem to get it right or get them off the ground. Smarter now, I have figured out ways to make the entire job less painful, less time consuming and less aggravating. Create Space, through Amazon, has been educational, annoying as heck, and all around uncooperative. I did manage to get a mystery book published through that program, though, but not an art book.
Instead of feeling wound as tight as a spring, I took another route. I entered Amazon's Advantage program. I'm still working the kinks out on that whole program, but I have two books for sale now that are listed with them and are available. Finally!! Zentangle - Tangling Fun and Tangling in Color are both on Amazon. The sales have started rolling in and I am thrilled.
Do I have to give up some of the money from the cost of the book to Amazon and what it costs me to print it? Oh yeah!!! But is it worth it? Oh yeah!!! Rather than making pennies from sales through a traditional publisher, I make dollars. Now that's something to write home about.

My advice here is...If you have a book you want published, research the ins and outs of traditional and self-publishing before you make any decisions. Look into print shop costs, and costs of printing from your computer printer. Use the best possible materials you can find. Don't be frugal where your materials are concerned. Good paper stock is worth the money and your reputation. Pricing? Compare what books in your genre are selling for, figure out what a book is costing you to print and then price accordingly. Good luck!! Got questions? Contact me.

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  1. Jeanne, I received my copy of Tangling in Color last week, and I am enjoying using it as a workbook. I love your ideas, and the spaces to do my versions are great. Good luck and great success to you.

    Webster (aka Loretta)

    P.S. Thanks so ery much for your early bird surprise. Having never used an actual Zentangle square, I am looking forward to my first!