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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Turning the page

As I browsed my latest tangling book, Tangled Letters, Numbers & More...Oh, my I realized how much fun I had putting the designs together and how meditative it was to create such a book. When I write mystery novels, I don't get that same relaxed feeling as when I tangle. (But, it is a whole different genre, too.) There really is much to be said for tangling.  I'm so glad that I took this art to heart when I first saw Sandy Steen Bartholomew's article in the Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine a couple of years ago.

When designing books, pieces or anything in the art field, it is a good idea to put it away for a few days or a week (if you can), then take it out and review the work. You'll have that "Wow!" feeling at how much you put into the work and how different it appears now that you have been away from it for a while. This new book is due out within a week and I am very excited about it. Here is a page for you to see, and the cover.

In a class I held last Friday, a student brought in a sketchbook where she has been compiling her tangles. She was as proud of her work as I was excited to see it. If you have a piece you want to share with me and my readers, please send it to me and I will happily post it for you. It's inspiring to see the ideas of others.

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