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Monday, December 17, 2012

And last weeks winners are....

     The day is here to let you know who has won. As of right now, I've gotten 15 comments from those who wish to receive a pin. Please email your postal address to me so I can ship a pin off to you.

     My next give-away is posted for a pair of tangled earrings, so don't forget to comment and share this blog with your friends. I will be awarding 25 pairs of eaarings so leave a comment by Saturday, December 22nd.
                                       Be merry and have a great holiday season!!!!


  1. Just noticed your state is next door to mine. I could pick up my prize??? J/K I'll love waiting for the mailman. Heading back to facebook to 'share'

  2. Wow, these are really pretty. I would get my ears pierced just to be able to wear them!!!

  3. Nice earrings, I love the colors! Cari