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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 2 of Countdown to Christmas

I count my blessing daily and at the oddest times. Here are my 5 blessings for today:

1. I have a loving, caring family.
2. I'm blessed to be an American woman with rights.
3. I am healthy.
4. I have great friends.
5. I'm blessed to live in a beautiful place.

What are your 5 blessings for today?

Two tangling books will be shipped to someone who shares their 5 blessings with me today.


  1. I am ever grateful for my loving husband; all bitching on my blog aside.
    I am grateful that my MS seems not to be progressing as fast as it could be, and may even be stable.
    I am grateful for my internet friends, as well as my real life friends.
    I am grateful to own my home, have food in the cupboards and freezer, and clothes and blankets and heat.
    I am grateful for all the life that surrounds me - my three cats and dog, and plants, and all that the Lord provides.

  2. 1. Grateful for my health.
    2. Grateful for my home.
    3. Grateful for food to put on my table.
    4. Grateful for clothing I can buy to put on my back.
    5. Grateful for all the friends I've made on the internet!!!

  3. 1. I'm grateful that I was able to supply Christmas for my kids.
    2. I'm grateful for my job caring for people.
    3. I'm grateful that I still have both my parents and some grandparents.
    4. I'm grateful for the beautiful women that my older children have become.
    5. I'm grateful for my husband and all the talents he has.

  4. I am ever so grateful for the art of Zentangle and being a CZT which has given me so much-
    friends worldwide who amaze with their artistic talents and challenge me daily to persevere and grow,
    I am grateful for the good health of my extended family
    I am grateful for an understanding husband who puts up with all my artistic wanderings
    I am grateful to live in the USA and be able to travel to other wonderful places
    I am grateful for a talented daughter, son-in-law and two extraordinary granddaughters.

  5. I am grateful for having been able to retire and have a wonderful life
    I a grateful for the gift of my art
    I am grateful for a loving and understanding partner
    I am grateful for the internet and all the friends that I have made because of it
    I am grateful for good health and the ability to do what I love

  6. I'm grateful for my health, for my freedom, for my home, for being an artist, for being a teacher.
    Thank you for having me realise this at this time.

  7. Thank you for joining my workshop! Have a great weekend!!

  8. I am grateful for my health, family, friends, education, and the joy that Zentangle brings me.

  9. I am grateful for my family, friends, my ability to laugh, learn, and experience the art of Zentangle and teaching.