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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hard Work & Persistence

If there is one thing I learned from my mother, it is that persistence pays off. Combined with hard word, it's a win/win situation. I am an obstinate, tenacious sort who works incessantly to accomplish my goals. While doing so, I manage to feed my never ending need to create art (or books), and to get them out to the public. Why? I love art and love to share it.

I put the first Zentangle, Tangling Fun book up on Amazon and waited (impatiently, I might add) and waited, and waited. Nothing happened for a while, then all of a sudden 'Whamo' the orders started to arrive asking for more stock. Yikes! It was a homerun! Who'd have thought? The second book "Tangling in Color" is on its way to success with the third book "Tangled Letter, Numbers & More...Oh, my" is headed in the same direction.

Here's a story about tenacity and hard work:
About five years ago, an artist came to me and asked about public relations - publicity - teaching her art- and that type of thing. We sat for a couple hours and talked about her goals, where she wanted to be in five years and so on. When an opportunity cam efor her to teach locally, she jumped at the chance. She was nervous as a cat on a fence when she taught this first class. I sat in the back of the room and watched her sweat, thinking all the while that she was going to succeed. Since that day, Lynne Andrews has become a phenonmenon in the decorative painting world. Why? Because she didn't give up. She is riding the wave of success, and loving every mintue of it. When she saw the response to her classes and artwork ( book deal, followed by another and so on), she called me. I took a ride to her studio and listened to her amazement at the popularity she never thought she'd have, ever. I smiled, laughed and encouraged her to 'ride the wave' for as long as she could. I saw her the other day at a painter's conference and the first thing out of her mouth was "I'm riding the wave". We laughed, hugged and laughed some more. Her artwork is inspirational, leaving you awed followed by a warm & fuzzy feeling when you see it. It has a sense of well-being about it.

End of story? No...Keep going, no matter what happens, or who tells you that you are never going to make it. I can tell you that it is up to you. Hang in there, keep going "YOU CAN DO IT!!!" If you have an oops moment, turn it into an opportunity. And best of all....Ride the wave, baby!!!

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