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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wellness Fair Update

The RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) wellness fair came and went in a flurry of students, excitement and laughter. It was a butterfly garden of sorts where colorfully and uniquely dressed students flitted from one booth to another, enthusiastic to see what was going on, how to do whatever was being offered, and of course the line for massages was way longer than anyone else's line. Which worked out well for me.

After the students flitted from place to place, asking questions, being curious, and wondering what we were all about, they managed to come up with an idea. One of the students would stand in the line of people waiting for a massage while their friend(s) would come tangle with me for a brief time. (I've never done the crescent moon tangle so often in one sitting). When those kids were finished, they would get in line for their massage and the line holder would come and tangle. Seemed to work out well for them. For two hours, I tangled with a variety of students. There were illustrators, computer graphics kids, children's book illustrators, sculptors, you name it, they came and played, relaxed and enjoyed.

I was thrilled when two student counselors came to my table for a tangle time. They were chit-chatting about how this was good for the students, so I invited them to sit down and learn to chill by making their own Zentangle tile. By the time they had finished, they had relaxed and replenished their spirit. I gave them a small pamphlet outlining the 5 R's of Zentangle: Relax - Reflect - Renew - Replenish - Reveal (the artist within).

I really think I am going to enjoy working with the students and faculty at RISD on a regular basis. The campus alone is so inspiring. As I walked the grounds of this wonderful school, set in the historic section of Providence, RI, I breathed in the art, architecture, and inspiration that is everywhere. Who could ask for more than that?

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